Pocahontas Cake!

I had been planning this cake since the beginning of summer! You see, my little sister and I shared a room since the day she was born and we LOVED watching Pocahontas! She would ask me to sing her Pocahontas songs before bed, and she would fall asleep to the beautiful sound of my voice singing ‘Just around the river bend!’ haha yea right!

So with her birthday coming up in July, we had joked that I would make her an epic Pocahontas cake with Grandmother Willow and all! So I got planning!

I made her a three layer Mint Chocolate cake with mint green icing in between each layer. Then I covered the cake with green fondant.

Next, I cut out some blue fondant – this was the river bend! What’s around the river bend anyway?

Note: In the above picture, our Pocahontas doll that my mother found in a toy box at home! Also the blue chocolate pellets on the counter. I melted those in the microwave and was planning on dripping the chocolate all over the ‘river’ but it was a huge fail! The pellets didn’t melt well and ended up being chunky. At first I was upset, but then discovered that I could use the chocolate chunks as  splashes of water! Sweet!

Dude! I think I forget to mention how awesome my hubby is! He is so helpful when I make cakes. Sometimes or pretty much always…I ask him for suggestions and advice. He likes to see how I am progressing with the cakes and often walks in the kitchen and offers advice. Well, he noticed the blue chunks of chocolate as the ‘splashes’ and suggest I add white to make it look more realistic. Genius. I tried using white fondant, but I couldn’t get it to look right. So then I used buttercream icing and just dotted it to the chocolate and I thought it turned out great. Looks like whitecaps right?…

Next, I took some white fondant and added some black and just mixed it a little bit to get a swirly black/grey look. To resemble rocks. I love the rocks!

Next, was Grandmother Willow time! I knew where I was going to place her on the cake. But man, it was difficult to sculpt her face! This is the blob I started with…

I used my plastic sculpting tool to try to make a face…

Hmmm…good enough I suppose.

Then, I place the lovely Grandmother Willow onto the cake!

I thought she looked a little bare. So I took some wire that I use for cakes and covered some pieces with green fondant. These were her branches.

I just placed them into the top of her head. Looked a little weird, but more like a tree I think 😛

I also, added some sunflowers around the cake for pretty little detail. And cheated and added the Pocahontas toy that we played with when we were little. It’s a wind-up canoe with Pocahontas and Meeko!

At this point in the process, I had spent about 3 hours decorating, and I was done! But I felt like the cake wasn’t complete yet. It needed more. But I needed a break. So, I put the cake aside for the evening and went back to it the next day with a few new fresh ideas.

I added a little fire pit. I loved this. I thought it worked perfect for that side of the cake!

Then I made a teepee. With my husbands help! I used some small wooden dowels and created the shape of the teepee. My husband held it in place while I draped the fondant around the sticks. I then used my edible pens to create a little pattern on the teepee. I love those pens!!

There, that looked ‘complete’ to me! I was happy with the end result! Yay!

I made some cupcakes for the nieces and nephews, which is NOT my specialty! I wasn’t sure if the cake would feed everyone. Here is a picture with the cupcakes!

Next shot, is myself presenting the epic Pocahontas cake to my little sis! I think she likes it! 😀

I loved this next picture of all the kiddies checking out the cake! (My bro is not that interested, haha)

It looks like she is eating Grandmother Willow…But she’s not. She’s just excited!!

Yay! Another successful Birthday Cake!

Happy Birthday Jim!!