Blue Jays Cake

I recently had the opportunity to create a Toronto Blue Jays Cake for my brother-in-law Matt. My sister sent me a picture of the Blues Jays logo, and I thought, sure I can try to duplicate that! šŸ˜› I pretty much had no idea how I would do this…but that makes it more fun right?!

I started with a vanilla cake and covered it with white fondant.

Then, I printed off the Jays logo, both in black and white and in colour. I tried to get it the perfect size to fit on the cake.

I rolled out the red and blues and placed the logo onto of the fondant and traced the logo onto the fondant. I did this in sections. It took patience. The next two pictures below are a shots of the logo with the fondant blue jay on top.

Then, I placed the Blue Jay on the cake, just to see how it looked. I actually got excited because I loved the way it was turning out! This kept me motivated to keep working. Tracing and cutting.

Trace and cut and place on cake! Its getting there! But then I had to start adding those small red stitches to make the red circle actually look like a baseball.

Grrr…that’s all I can say…

Once, I finished the baseball. I rolled out a thin strip of blue fondant to go around the logo. This was not that easy. I was trying to make it as perfect as I could. But the result was very much imperfect. I will need to figure out how to do this properly…some day…

Next! I need to add the words ‘blue’ and ‘jays’ to the cake. I used ‘Toronto’ with fondant. But, the bottom lettering, as you can tell…is different. And I wanted to match it as best as I could. And I have edible pens!! Yay! So glad I purchased those! They were so handy for this cake! I don’t know how else I would have done it!

I actually had to do this in two steps.

First, write on the actually paper placed onto the cake, trace over the letter and if I wrote it hard enough, it would actually bleed through onto the cake.

Second, I had to use the faint outline I made on the cake and basically free-hand the whole letter.

Here is a shot of me after I traced the letter…

Here is a picture after I wrote ‘Jay’

I definitely made a lot of mistakes with the lettering. But it is not easy writing on a cake with edible pen. It is fun though!

This cake took a lot longer then I thought it would. But most of them usually do. This probably took 3 hours to decorate. I needed to take some breaks, because it was hard on the neck leaning over the counter…

But overall, I was really happy with the end result!

I just realized I matched my outfit to cake! How cool am I ?! šŸ˜›