Criminal Minds?

I got an e-mail from a friend asking if I could make a “Criminal Minds” cake. My first thought…”how the heck would I do that?” He sent me a picture of the logo, then I though “I can do this!” So we confirmed a chocolate mint cake for 20+ people.

Now, usually I am excited/nervous when I get a cake order. But I just had no idea about this cake. I did NOT know how I would make just a logo on a cake look good. So I didn’t really get excited, until I started working with the fondant. The cake was baked and iced and I stood in the kitchen and played with the fondant.

Then, I got an idea.

I needed a large print of the logo to trace onto the fondant! BRILLIANT! (that’s what I thought, anyway :P) So my husband (thank-you babe) printed off the perfect size for me. And I traced and traced. It took some time, but I was really happy with the results!

Yay! Looks pretty good I think 🙂

I covered the cake in white fondant then added the letters!

Not too shabby! 😛

THEN, I thought…it’s a little plain…CAUTION TAPE! Yeah! I’ll add caution tape to it! This is where my extra white fondant came in handy! I dyed it bright yellow and cut it into a long strip.

I actually added the yellow fondant strip to the cake, and THEN added the ‘caution’ to the tape using a black edible pen! Caution tape isn’t double sided right? I hope not 😛 Because this caution tape isn’t…

Also, liked the addition of the caution tape but still thought it needed something.


Yep, I think that just made it more symmetrical…or something. Plus blood makes it look cool.

Now, I was happy 🙂 I really like the way this cake turned out! And I think the birthday girl did too…I hope 🙂

hmmm…Walking Dead cake next?…