LEGO Cake!

I had a recent cake order for a Lego cake! I was pretty excited to try this out! I have always wanted to try a lego cake.  This was a two layer chocolate cake. I baked two cakes in a 9X13 inch pan, stacked them and then cut them into three equal pieces.

I them iced them with vanilla icing and let them cool in the freezer for about 45 minutes.

Then I dyed the fondant three different colours and added the fondant individually to each cake.

I wanted the lego blocks to have sharp edges to look like lego. This was not an easy task! I found that actually cutting the edges with kitchen scissors made it a little easier and gave the edges a crisp look.

After completing the three lego blocks, I started to like the look of them.

For the pegs on the top, I used a shot glass to cut out the circles. (The circle cookie cutters I had were too big) The shot glass was a perfect size!

Note: the fondant mat in use! I love that thing!!

On a random note, I found it difficult to try to cut out six pegs with all the same thickness! Who knew?!

And here are some shots of the finished product! I struggled trying to find a way to stack the cake that would support the top layer! I had to put dowels in the two bottom layers. And used a cake plate under the top cake to help support the top cake. It was still a challenge though!

I love how some cakes can appear to look ‘easy’. Then I try to duplicate it, and it ends up being a lot more difficult then expected…either way, I enjoyed the challenge and was pretty proud of the end product 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!

-Jody @Cakebid