Mini Cakes for Mother’s Day!

These two women are truly inspirational! We wanted to make our Mother’s feel special this year!

(Linda, my Mom on the left, and A.J.’s Mom on the right, Ruth)

This past Sunday me A.J. decided to invite both our Moms over for tea and dessert for Mother’s Day. We like the idea of doing something special, rather then just buying a card. But that’s just us 🙂 We wanted to make them feel special!

They drove over together and arrived a little early, so A.J. made them sit on the front porch and wait until we were ready…which I thought was funny. But it was a beautiful day and they didn’t seem to mind.

We invited them in and served them tea, and had almonds, dates, black licorice to snack on. We also reminded them of our Mother’s Day rap that we filmed from Maui and sent to them last year…good times!

As we were finishing up our tea, we invited them into our kitchen where I had our table displayed with a fresh bouquet of flowers and two mini cakes, topped with a fresh flower from the bouquet.

I love all the colours in this picture! We bought the bouquets at our local market. I made each Mother a mini chocolate cake with fondant . I placed a flower from the bouquet to top the mini cake! I thought it was a nice addition 🙂

We had a great time visiting with our Mothers! We hope that they both felt loved and special on their day! We both really appreciate everything they do for us.  We are truly blessed to have them in our life.