The Making of the “Chococat” Cake!

Have you heard I “Chococat” before? I never have! But after a client  requested a cake with this theme, I decided to do some research. Turns out he is a Sanrio character like Hello Kitty! There a lot of little Sanrio characters that I’ve never heard of, Hello Kitty, must be the popular one!

I received a picture of the cake that Jenny wanted and I just had to make some changes, but not much.  I thought it was a really cute idea and couldn’t wait to get started on the cake!

My first stop is always the Bulk Barn, where I pick up cake boxes and cake plates. I also used some more of my birthday money and picked up a fondant smoother that I desperately need, and it was only $4!

My client decided on a vanilla cake, so here’s a picture of my cakes all baked and iced! I think I am getting pretty good at icing the cake and making it smooth! It really helps to cool the cakes in the fridge, or even freeze them for about an hour. I loved the results!

Next I place the iced cake in the fridge for about 45 minutes, while I play with the fondant! Note: my new fondant mat! Love it!

Then it goes on the cake! And smooth it out with my smoother! This was actually the smoothest cake I’ve ever made! I’m quite please with my $4 purchase!

Now to add some details to the cake!  I added a brown around the edge of the cake to look like grass. I just rolled out some fondant into a long roll then used my scissors to cut the edges to looks like grass. Took longer than I thought…

Then I added some flowers around the sides of the cake.

Then I added some light brown fondant for the pond and added some duckies! It’s a little hard to see the sign, but it says “Fish Pond” I used the edible pens to write the words and they work great! Another happy purchase! 🙂

THEN, I got too excited and sat down and made all the other little details for the cake, like the can of worms, the basket of fish and Chococat himself! I forgot to take pictures of making any of those fondant creations, because I was too into my ‘zone’, haha.

Then, I added the tree! The bottom is just a chunk of brown fondant, and the top is made out of rice crispies, covered in fondant. I had to place a dowel into both the tree and into the cake to keep it upright.

Another shot of the details on top of the cake. Sounds like Chococat enjoys fishing under a tree. 🙂 I attached the fondant fishy to a wire, then attached that to a fondant “rod”.

Another zoomed in shot. I like the fish pond sign, I was quite proud of that 🙂 I used a toothpick to hold it up.

Here I am with my finished cake! I was quite proud of it. I hope the birthday girls loves it and enjoys every bite!