New Cake Tools!!

Hey! So it was my birthday not too long ago, and I received some birthday money! Yay! (Thank-you to both sets of parents AND my hubby) I was so pumped to pick up cake tools! I could not wait to go to Michael’s! I had made a wish list in my head of stuff that would be useful in the kitchen. Such as a Fondant Mat (to measure fondant),  edible pens, colouring dyes and pans! I really needed pans! Anyway, take a look at what I purchased! I’ve already used the Wiltons pans and they work great! No stick! I love them!!

These dyes work really well, and I’ve only used a few of them, but they work great. It`s great because you don`t need to use as much dye, compared to those no name colouring dyes. Also, the edible pens! I could have used those for the Winnie the Pooh cake I made! To add the bee trails on the cakes!

These are my new tools!! They are great for making delicate details to fondant, like flowers or figures. Can`t wait to use!

This is everything I bought!

-Tool Kit

-Fondant Mat

-8in Cake plates

-Food dyes

-Edible Pens

-A Package of 4 tier pans (12in, 10in, 8in, 6in)

-Another 8in pan

Beautiful Pans! Plus creepy husband in the background!

Me at Michaels! I’m excited, can you tell?