Sugar Cookies

I was craving a good sugar cookie. So today I made this recipe. I cut it in half because I didn’t have enough butter. Oops. I found this recipe at and it… Continue reading

Home-made Pretzels Baby!

I have not blogged in so long! I’ve been missing it too! This summer had some hot days and I did not feel like turning the oven on for several hours to bake… Continue reading

Pocahontas Cake!

I had been planning this cake since the beginning of summer! You see, my little sister and I shared a room since the day she was born and we LOVED watching Pocahontas! She… Continue reading

Blue Jays Cake

I recently had the opportunity to create a Toronto Blue Jays Cake for my brother-in-law Matt. My sister sent me a picture of the Blues Jays logo, and I thought, sure I can… Continue reading

Criminal Minds?

I got an e-mail from a friend asking if I could make a “Criminal Minds” cake. My first thought…”how the heck would I do that?” He sent me a picture of the logo,… Continue reading

LEGO Cake!

I had a recent cake order for a Lego cake! I was pretty excited to try this out! I have always wanted to try a lego cake. ¬†This was a two layer chocolate… Continue reading

Cranberry and Orange Scones

Recently while visiting at my in-laws, I noticed this yummy looking recipe in a book on their coffee table. A.J. took a picture of the recipe for me. And we just happened to… Continue reading

Mini Cakes for Mother’s Day!

These two women are truly inspirational! We wanted to make our Mother’s feel special this year! (Linda, my Mom on the left, and A.J.’s Mom on the right, Ruth) This past Sunday me… Continue reading

The Making of the “Chococat” Cake!

Have you heard I “Chococat” before? I never have! But after a client¬† requested a cake with this theme, I decided to do some research. Turns out he is a Sanrio character like… Continue reading

New Cake Tools!!

Hey! So it was my birthday not too long ago, and I received some birthday money! Yay! (Thank-you to both sets of parents AND my hubby) I was so pumped to pick up… Continue reading